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Harvard Square

THE HARVARD MAN by Lawrence Goodman (Huntington Playwriting Fellow)
Featuring Marie Polizzano and Jonathan Louis Dent.
Listen across from the Johnson Gate entrance to Harvard Yard. A Harvard freshman gets a shot at romance. Will he blow it?


STICKY MEMENTO by Ken Urban (Huntington Playwriting Fellow)
Featuring Marianna Bassham and Dan Pecci.
Listen standing in front of the John Harvard statue in Harvard Yard. Nerd rage and stoner sadness collide with a Midwestern tourist who has little tolerance for rich, white kid drama.


BRUISED by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro (Huntington Playwriting Fellow)
Featuring Stacy Fischer and Robert Kropf.
Listen walking from the Harvard Coop. Nothing is worse than a playwright with a bruised ego. Nothing except real problems.


I'LL DRINK TO THAT by John Shea (Huntington Playwriting Fellow)
Featuring Steven Barkhimer and Gabriel Kuttner.
Listen on a bench across from the Loeb Drama Center (64 Brattle Street, Cambridge). Two boozy winos debate the meaning of art.




Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA

551 AT 551 by Jacqui Parker (Huntington Playwriting Fellow)
Featuring Douglas Lockwood and Kami Russell Smith.
Listen in the lobby of the Boston Center for the Arts, 551 Tremont Street. Unsung heroes deserve our thanks.


ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALK by Patrick Gabridge (Huntington Playwriting Fellow)
Featuring Ed Hoopman, Robert D. Murphy, and Paul Melendy.
Listen in the brick plaza of the BCA. Two longtime Boston residents engage a newcomer in a struggle of class, status, and clay masonry.



The Institute for Contemporary Art/Boston

SITTING STILL by Masha Obolensky (Huntington Playwriting Fellow)
Listen on the harborside of the ICA,
sitting on the steps facing the water.
Dip into the thoughts of others drawn to
the water like you.


"UNDER 30" Version featuring Jonathan Popp
"OVER 30" Version featuring Kenneth Cahoun and Hortense Gerardo
Listen at the corner of Northern Ave. and Seaport Blvd. View or download a map.
Art can be a sticky thing.


ACT AS IF by Miranda Craigwell (Huntington Playwriting Fellow)
Featuring Jennie Israel and Dossy Peabody.
Listen sitting in the ICA Watercafe. An ex-New Yorker asks if Boston can ever be enough.


MEDIATHEQUE by Kirsten Greenidge (Huntington Playwriting Fellow)
Featuring Georgia Lyman and Lindsey McWhorter.
Listen in the mediatheque at the ICA. You never know who is reading your blog.



Elsewhere in Boston

CAN YOU HELP ME FIND THIS CALL NUMBER? by Martha Jane Kaufman (Huntington Playwriting Fellow)
Featuring Michael Fisher, Angie Jepson, and Bob Mussett.
Listen in the lobby of the Johnson building at the Boston Public Library. Two friends attempt a top-secret mission in the library.


BOND GIRL by John Kuntz (Huntington Playwriting Fellow)
Featuring Paula Plum.

Get dropped off in the South End. Try to find your way out. Estelle wishes she were still taking her old pills. And, that she was a “Bond girl.”