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Harvard Square

From the Loeb to OBERON with Diane Paulus (18:08)
Walk from the A.R.T.'s Loeb Drama Center (64 Brattle Street, Cambridge) to OBERON (2 Arrow St., Cambridge - the center for A.R.T. Emerging America Festival events) with A.R.T. Artistic Director Diane Paulus. Join her through her memories and experiences of Cambridge. Journey through the history and future of the American Repertory Theater.


What is Emerging? (8:15)
Sit with Artistic Fellow Allegra Libonatti and Artistic/Producing Fellow Mikhael Tara Garver outside the A.R.T.'s Loeb Drama Center (64 Brattle Street) and hear about this unbelievable festival!


The Square Beat (10:20) - Created by the A.R.T. Institute Class of 2010
Walk to the rhythm of the poets. Start from the Loeb Drama Center (64 Brattle Street), through the square, and into Harvard. Listen to the stories of the Beats in Harvard with The Hidden Beat of Harvard Square by Brendan Shea and performed by Laura Parker, Jacob Martin, Tim Eliot, and Kelley Green.


The Artistic Home (33:58)
Artistic/Producing Fellow Mikhael Tara Garver sits down in the Loeb Theater with American Repertory Theater Founder Robert Brustein and Founding Company Member Jeremy Geidt. The Loeb through the eyes of two men who made it what it is today.


Theater in a time of upheaval (15:58)
Susan Quinn, author of Furious Improvisation, sits in the lobby of the A.R.T.'s Loeb Drama Center (64 Brattle Street) and talks about the links between the art emerging now and in the moment of the Federal Theater Project. Culture as a piece of the wealth of a nation...


HAL'S HAVEN (9:23) by Rebekah Maggor (Huntington Playwriting Fellow)
Listen in the passageway adjacent to number 2 Arrow Street in Cambridge between Mt. Auburn Street and Massachusetts Avenue.

Your neighborhood changes when a nightclub moves in. One local grandmother takes a late night stand against ivy-league party kids and drunken professionals.



Elsewhere in Cambridge

A Mt. Auburn Tour with Bucky Fuller (21:25)
D.W. Jacobs and artistic/producing fellow Mikhael Tara Garver walk through the beautiful Mt. Auburn cemetery and sit in the shadow of Buckminster Fullers grave. A conversation with playwright and director of R. Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY (and Mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE

The poetry of technology (27:54)
Artistic/Producing Fellow Mikhael Tara Garver interviews MIT professor and artist/director Jay Scheib and artist/producer/performer Tanya Selvaratnam Scheib on the working and ever-changing relationship between the poetry of art and science.

Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA

Walking Tour with Peter DuBois (Artistic Director of the Huntington Theatre Company) (21:09)
Begin at the Calderwood Pavilion, hub for HTC Emerging America events

Join Peter DuBois for stories about his home turf from stores to parks to restaurants. Watch out for large birds and firefighters. And your waistline.

I AM NOT INVISIBLE (5:51) by Pat Gabridge (Huntington Playwriting Fellow)
Listen on the brick plaza in front of the BCA.

Maybe you should pay more attention to the people behind you in the supermarket. You might have ignored and pissed off the wrong man, someone who has chosen to creep much closer. Much closer.



The Institute for Contemporary Art/Boston

IF YOU WERE HERE… (3:38) by ICA/Boston
ICA’s Director of Programs David Henry explains the past, present, and future of the ICA’s current location.

YOU ARE HERE... (4:32) by ICA/Boston

Listen to ICA staff members read poems selected from the museum’s Words From the Walk series. Take a stroll outside on the ICA plaza, enjoy the idyllic waterfront view, and hear the work of some of America’s best poets.

WHILE YOU ARE HERE… (8:34) by ICA/Boston
ICA staff member, painter, and Fort Point resident Kelly Kerrigan offers a walking tour guide through one of Boston’s most artistic neighborhoods. Start your tour at the ICA and explore Fort Point’s artistic treasures.

TEA (7:12) by Martha Jane Kaufman (Huntington Playwriting Fellow)
Listen on the wooden steps behind the ICA, facing the harbor.

Slippage abounds between two very different "tea parties." Found text blurs the line between the dissenters and the terrorists, your patriotism and your ambivalence.



Elsewhere in Boston

REAL TIME ENCOUNTER (4:05) by Ken Urban (Huntington Playwriting Fellow)
Listen in the MBTA Station at Back Bay, Dartmouth entrance.
Wait patiently in the station to meet up with Pat. Or, at least he told you that was his name online.

Adult Sanity (15:00)
Join Ryan Walsh, songwriter for the band Hallelujah The Hills, on a tour through David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Hallelujah the Hills has two albums out on Misra Records and next year Ryan Walsh will have worked at A.R.T. for 10 years. You can join Walsh on a drive down Allston’s Commonwealth Avenue to experience the novel’s Boston University inspiration.


Stroll with Henry Adams and the TEAM (19:00)
Take a walk through the locations and ideas of Bostonian Henry Adams, with Rachel Chavkin, Artistic Director of the TEAM, Start at 91 Marlborough St. in Boston and journey to Cambridge, ending up in Cambridge Common.

The Boston Majestic (14:39)
Stand in front of the Cutler Majestic at 219 Tremont St. in Boston and hear Carole Charnow, General Manager of Opera Boston, on the night after her 50th production at the theater has closed, speaking of her time cultivating Opera in Boston. How is opera emerging in Boston with one of our local cultural leaders and landmarks?


Poetry from the edge of Boston (19:11)
Artistic/Producing Fellow Mikhael Tara Garver journeys out to the UMASS campus and sits with Askold Melnyczuk, the founding editor of AGNI, to discuss the place of literature in Boston. He is professor of creative writing at The University of Massachusetts-Boston and a member of the core fiction faculty of the graduate Bennington Writing Seminars. He has written The House of Widows (Graywolf Press), Ambassador of the Dead (Counterpoint, 2001) (which was called “exquisite, original” by The Washington Post), and his first volume, What Is Told (Faber and Faber), which was a New York Times Notable Book for 1994.


Room 222 - the place where poets are born (18:31)
Sit in the famous Room 222 at Boston University with Sven Birkerts: a critic, essayist, and author of eight books, including The Gutenberg Elegies: The Fate of Reading in an Electronic Age and The Electric Life: Essays on Modern Poetry. He edits the literaary journal AGNI at Boston University and is the Director of the Bennington Writing Seminars. Listen to the poetry of Lowell, Plath, and Walcott.



In the Introduction and Closing to each podcast:
You are listening to A.R.T. regular Tommy Derrah. In the 2010 podcasts, the music is The Echo Sequence by Hallelujah The Hills, from the album "Colonial Drones" - Misra Records. Copyright 2009 Reverse The Tape Decks (ASCAP).